Updated REA

26 April 2022

Updated REA

Revised REA gear motor: small changes, great results.

Revised REA gear motor: small changes, great results.

A constant tendency to improve drives us to optimise our most successful products so that we provide customers with maximum efficiency and reliability. 

That’s exactly what we’ve done with our REA gearmotor for swing gates: we have thoroughly analysed every single component, even the smallest, and made slight tweaks that have given an extra boost to the REA gear motor, in terms of both strength and performance.

What’s new for REA

We have inserted small self-lubricating bushes, i.e. plastic rings that act as spacers between the gear motor (in aluminium) and the brackets (in iron). 

The bushes are located on the front brackets, where the tube is situated, and on the rear bracket, where the motor is housed.  

This small but ingenious modification has achieved several results.

  • Friction between bracket and gear motor has been completely eliminated.  This prevents the rapid wear that previously threatened the product’s durability.

  • The bushes, naturally exposed to wear, are the only parts that require replacement over the long term.  In this way it is not necessary to replace the entire bracket, providing obvious economic savings and less wasted material.

  • By eliminating the previous end piece and inserting a simple cap to close the tube, we have been able to avoid possible breakages on the end piece. On the previous model, if the front bracket was not installed properly, it acted as a clamp on the end piece, crushing it and causing it to break. 

🎞 Watch the video here! 🎞

Want to know more? 

We have prepared an online course about REA to give detailed information about these improvements, let you understand how much easier installation is and see the product’s strength and performance.  This follow-up course is part of our training project Academy OnAutomation, specially designed for customers and fitters who wish to increase their competence and performance. 

It’s so easy to take part in our free on-demand course: just apply for free enrolment in the Academy OnAutomation and when you’ve finished the course you will receive a certificate of participation and a discount on the sample updated REA. 

Why wait? Enroll now!

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