New Year, renewed products

6 March 2020 - Molina di Malo

New Year, renewed products

Our main concern is to offer our customers efficient, safe products that feature excellent performance. That’s why we dedicate a lot of time to making big and small improvements to our products so that they maintain their excellence as gear motors for gates and innovative barriers.

2020 has already brought great satisfaction to our research and development department because we have managed to evolve two of our highly popular, consolidated products.
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A new POM gear

We have replaced the main gear of some of our most popular motors (Crono Series, Zeus Series and Max Series) with a new gear featuring POM external wheels. This self-lubricating polyacetal resin ensures excellent movement and complete absence of friction, prolonging the gear’s life.
The gear hub is in cast aluminium, which helps to increase gear ring resistance over time, but above all produces excellent mechanical seal.
Producing the gears by injection moulding ensures top quality and perfect repeatability.

Modular arm: flexibility and convenience
From now on, transporting and assembling arms of 5, 6 or more metres will pose no problems. We have created a modular arm with 2 or 3 metre segments, which can be easily assembled in situ. The special joint system makes assembly particularly simple and fast. The advantage of buying and transporting shorter arm segments is obvious: costly transport with ad hoc vehicles will no longer be necessary, saving time and money.
Our modular arm has another new feature of which we are proud. LEDs have been placed on a plastic support in the top part of the arm, which also acts as a reflector. This has allowed us to halve the number of LEDs involved, reducing the amount of energy used for both production and disposal.

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