New Crio, for booms up to 6m

25 October 2018 - Padua

New Crio, for booms up to 6m

A barrier lift system that gives great performance

Crio, our access barrier lift system has been renewed to become even more powerful and safe. This new version of Crio can lift poles up to 6m in length, with an opening time of just 8 seconds. This electromechanical opening system is suitable for semi-intensive use, up to approximately 500 openings a day, which makes it perfect for areas with wide access points (residences and medium-sized shops, stores or factories).

Safety is one of the strong points of the new CRIO 6m and is ensured by:

  • an anti-crushing system, when the pole perceives resistance due to any obstacle during descent, its run is stopped and inverted;
  • 24V power, in the event of a power failure the motor still operates, due to a buffer battery fitted into the case;
  • soft-closing mechanical damper abates noise and enhances safety.

The new Crio 6m is not just ultra safe, but also extremely durable.  We have used the same design as the other Crio models, slightly increased size and used a finish that is not only attractive, but also super resistant; it undergoes two processes, first cataphoresis, followed by coating with paint, which guarantees extraordinary durability and weather resistance.

We have developed our new Crio above all for professional fitters, as it facilitates installation and maintenance. How?

  • Changing the pole opening direction is extremely simple, and even with a pre-assembled system the fitter can easily decide the direction during fitting;
  • Balancing the rod is also extremely simple; there is no need for wrenches or special tools, which makes maintenance quick and easy;
  • Manual release can be carried out from both sides with a top-security coded key, facilitating the technician’s job, whatever position the system is in.

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