14 May 2019 - Padova


The super-fast motor for sliding gates

The right choice because it guarantees twice the speed of other models and can be used even in the event of emergencies and power failures.

The safety of a 24V gear motor

CRONO is a reliable, powerful sliding gate motor with exceptional performance. The new CRONO 24V version ensures a sliding gate motor you can rely on in any situation. Even in the event of power failures, the battery will operate the motor on low voltage, ensuring maximum safety.

Super opening and closing speed for sliding gates

Speed is what revolutionises CRONO 24V. It can move gates of up to 1000 kg and open and close 20m per minute. That means opening a gate approximately 5 metres wide in just 15 seconds. But that’s not all. One of our main objectives has always been safety, that’s why the CRONO 24V power pack manages fully customisable slow-down spaces. In this way you can programme slow-down spaces suitable for different types of installations and use, for both opening and closing operations. The anti-crush function stops the motor and inverts the direction of the gate if it detects an obstacle during its run. The safety precautions are completed by a release system involving a lever and coded key. The 12cm long lever is easy to handle and the coded key for the owner’s exclusive use rules out any tampering with the release system.

Technology and precision engineering for a unique motor

The reliability and performance of CRONO 24V are the result of thorough research and experimenting, which come to the fore in the internal components of our new motor. The bronze and aluminium gears guarantee excellent durability, optimal mechanical tightness and almost no wear and tear. The gear screw is treated with a special, innovative hardening system that ensures long life, reliability and performance absolutely out of the ordinary.

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