Intersec2022 opens its doors to the Middle East export

16 February 2022

Intersec2022 opens its doors to the Middle East export

OnAutomation presented its products at the international event, from 16th to 18th January.

The current situation due to the continuous search for containment of COVID19 has led many of the exhibition events to postpone their opening, if not to cancel the scheduled fairs. In the last two years, there have been many fairs that have canceled the events, putting companies in front of a new need to communicate with their partners and potential customers. Much of the marketing-commercial effort has moved online, thanks to digital tools, but the attraction of real encounters is still strong, especially when it comes to components and products related to manufacturing.

OnAutomation knows this well and in recent days our company has brought its presence to one of the major events in terms of security, home automation and electronics in the Middle East and Asia market. This is Intersec 2022, an international fair that gathers exhibitors from more than 130 countries around the world.

“The Middle Eastern and Asian market” affirms Riccardo Miozzo (CEO of the company) “has always been a priority in our commercial growth policies.” The sector in which OnAutomation operates is that of automations for gates, shutters, doors and company entrances. Product development and assembly takes place between the provinces of Vicenza and Padua, also through a dense network of hyper-specialized artisan suppliers with respect to the mechanics segment linked to automation.

"The automation sector is driven by Italian companies" adds Miozzo "in the world it is recognized as a technology in which Made in Italy has a very strong value and in this, we want to affirm our international presence".

OnAutomation gate motors are also marketed through the commercial offices in Dubai and Singapore, as well as by the network present in Italy and Europe. The objective of participating in the Dubai event is to confirm the programs launched in the region and anticipate, in some ways, the product and range developments that will be presented during 2022.

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