Spring news

10 April 2020 - Molina di Malo

Spring news

We want to try and help overcome the difficult period Italy is now facing by telling you about some of the novel touches we have made to our products.

We are reacting to the difficulties by continuing to work on improvements to our gear motors and investing in the development of new and efficient technologies that will simplify our customers’ lives, in the hope that we can all return to normal soon.

What are the improvements for spring 2020?

MAX, maximum power also at 24V

Our powerful gear motor for sliding gates, with a capacity of up to 600kg and 10m in length, can now be powered at 24V. This facilitates intensive, high frequency use without overheating problems. We have also increased safety by incorporating an anti-crushing function (that inverts direction whenever the sliding gate encounters an obstacle) and gradual slowing for opening and closing.
Besides all this, to make our motor even more functional and compact we have created a compartment for the 12V buffer batteries installed for use in power failure situations without compromising operation of the motor, and eliminating the need for an external battery compartment.

Atlas, the articulated actuator, at its best

Our motor with articulated arm for large pillars has changed its look, as well as other things. Besides a restyling operation, we have optimised some fundamental aspects for both fitters and users. Atlas is extremely easy to fit and absolutely safe, thanks to a plastic-covered end of run system. In addition, the flap for opening the release mechanism compartment is more practical and easily reached. The materials used and its essential, uncluttered design make the protective cover more robust.

Height-adjustable column guide plates

A simple operation that solves a tricky problem. Acting on customers’ comments and requests, we have altered our column guide plate for sliding gate motors, which now incorporates the possibility to adjust the height of the fixing point for our motors (Max, Zeus and Crono), ensuring safety and installation flexibility. Raising the motor from the ground provides excellent performance where flooding is frequent or the terrain is not paved. The adjustable column plate can also accommodate gear motors where there are obstacles at ground level (steps or other objects).

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