New CRIO barrier

7 November 2019 - Molina di Malo (VI)

New CRIO barrier

Top speed with Brushless Technology

The right choice because: the functional CRIO barrier performs better and faster due to brushless technology.

For many years our CRIO barrier has been a popular choice due to its reliability, adaptability and essential design. Now there’s another reason: the new CRIO Brushless barrier features incredible strength and speed.

Innovative brushless technology has made our CRIO really fast; it can open completely in less than two seconds. This makes it ideal for high usage, such as motorways, stores or large production facilities. Because it can interface with the Crio power pack with timer, access control system or number plate detection, it fits easily into any context.

Speed control

CRIO Brushless will amaze you: with arms up to 2 metres long it ensures full opening in less than two seconds, and guarantees excellent performance with longer arms (up to four metres).

In addition, CRIO has a wide range of slowing down and approach speeds, which can be custom-ised. Ramp acceleration and deceleration allow modulated arm movement to users’ requirements.

The construction system of CRIO and the use of a brushless motor ensure almost zero inertia, achieving absolute precision in motion.

Power and control with no wear

CRIO’s brushless motor can be used intensively without the risk of wear and overheating. The fact that the motor does not involve mechanical friction lengthens the life of all its components and ensures flowing, silent movement.

The buffer battery powering CRIO means the barrier can be used safely even when there is a power failure.

The precision and safety of CRIO are protected by an encoder. Besides providing stability for the arm, which remains perfectly in place during approach and opening, it ensures absolute safety because it immediately re-opens if it detects an obstacle during its run.

Great performance and design

CRIO Brushless does not just provide excellent performance and control, it is also an attractive item featuring minimalist design. The motor body boasts essential lines and is coated with electro-phoretic polyester powder for super resistance. The arm, which can be 2 to 4 metres long, is also available with LED lighting, (which may be green, yellow and red to simplify access) and can be  customised with high-visibility adhesives.

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