New products OnAutomation and Nextalite

5 January 2021 - Molina di Malo

New products OnAutomation and Nextalite

New outdoor functionality: customisation and completeness

New outdoor functionality: customisation and completeness.

We have always made every effort to provide our customers with the most complete, efficient and customised automation solutions to help them organise their private or business outdoor areas. This has led us to a partnership with Nextalite, an Italian company that, like us, is dedicated to designing technologies that will simplify our daily routine.

Successful cooperation has made it possible to integrate the two companies’ products and offer our customers the opportunity to freely control and organise their space.

This month our catalogue will include two Nextalite products featuring amazing characteristics and efficiency.

CAM 200, much more than a videocamera

The CAM 200 videocamera is used to view everything going on in the installation area and create customised automation of outdoor lighting through a connection with OneSmart accessories. This provides the opportunity to turn outdoor lights on and off to monitor the situation, and to keep one or more areas illuminated to requirements, all by convenient remote control. In addition, the CAM 200 videocamera can be moved in any direction with IP technology, and to ensure maximum security it can detect and inform of movements in real time.

MCU L/one, stay connected

MCU L/one is the control unit that controls and commands the automation of the entrance and garden lights. Through the OneSmart app, in addition to the remote control, it is possible to create time schedules such as turning on the lights at sunset and turning them off at dawn. It is also possible to realize automations with the other devices of the OneSmart line, for example “turn on the lights when the gate is opening” or “turn on the lights when the CAM200 camera sees movement”.

The strong points of this complete, reliable control unit are automation customisation and full control at all times.

These two innovative products integrate perfectly with OnAutomation’s range of products and can be used for the bespoke management of home or office automation in an efficient, safe way.

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