OnAutomation and Nextalite

30 October 2020 - Molina di Malo

OnAutomation and Nextalite

Cooperation extends our product range

So that we can be close to our customers and offer a complete, effective service to manage daily life, we have set up a commercial partnership with Nextalite, a brand specializing in automated outdoor illumination. Affinity with our products and the philosophy underlying our relationships with end customers (i.e. simplifying daily life) have led to the spontaneous creation of this cooperation. But what exactly does that mean? We have chosen some products from the vast Nextalite catalog that integrate our propositions and create a perfect ecosystem for running home and workplace entrances.

“ON and Nextalite customers work in the same fields and with these two integrating ranges they can extend their options and provide a complete service to consumers”

Riccardo Miozzo, OnAutomation CEO

App One smart + Plano Lock controller

An app used to manage opening entrances and run outdoor illumination, also remotely. The practical Plano Lock wireless controller can easily manage any gate, blind or overhead garage door and outdoor illumination by smartphone. In addition, the App One Smart is used to view door status, program opening and closing at a set time or restrict access in a set time slot.

Remote Control LINEA RAD 4A

This portable 433.92MHz, four-channel remote control with rolling code is used to run up to four different automations for opening entrances and doors/garages and managing outdoor illumination. This small, ultra-flat controller features minimal design and dark grey coloring and can easily fit onto your keyring with the house keys. Having it to hand means entering your house or office will always be hassle-free.


A wall-mounted remote control for lights and automation, Optima comes with two or four buttons. With its minimal design featuring elegant, essential lines, it can be placed unobtrusively on any wall. Optima is battery powered so it can be placed wherever you want without having to worry about electrical cables or wiring.

Would you like more information about the products developed with Nextalite? Contact us, one of our sales staff will illustrate all the opportunities they offer.

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