Small steps ahead, big improvements

26 November 2018

Small steps ahead, big improvements

The perfect product is one that’s constantly improved.

We care about our customers and wish to provide them with the best: useful, effective products that are simple to use. This is not only our mission, it is the daily work of our R&D department, where popular, consolidated products are constantly studied to achieve perfection through large or small improvements.

What have we done for you in recent months?

New lateral cable gland on REA motors

The REA swing gate opener, one of our most popular products, now becomes even easier and more flexible to install. We have fitted a new right-angle cable gland that makes it possible to secure the motor in a lower position than before.  Taking the wiring to the side gains useful centimetres for installation, particularly important where it is difficult to fit brackets (e.g. with the aluminium gates typical on the French market).  The new cable gland also acts as a wiring tie, which holds the wiring still, preventing tear and wear on the junction point.

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New foundation box for underground motors

To reduce the volume of underground motors for swing gates we have altered the foundation box, which is now flush with the ground. On the new foundation box, the upper profile struck by the cover has been eliminated and closure takes place by means of a groove on the inside of the box, achieving a clean-cut, essential finish.  Our new foundation box also has a new cataphoresis coating, which not only gives superior appeal, but also ensures better resistance to weather and external aggression.

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New high visibility stickers for barriers

Not just design and good looks, but also functionality and efficiency. The new stickers designed for our barriers are attractive and simple to apply; the make the barrier immediately visible and recognisable, even when visibility is not good.
Our new stickers give the same, attractive look to all the components of our products.  In particular, barrier stickers are designed to be easily applied to barriers of different lengths, without creating unsightly bubbles or pleats.  Our customers can choose to apply them over the entire length of the boom, or on just one section, in any case achieving excellent visibility due to their light green colour and light-reflecting material.

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New kit for articulated booms

How can you use your barrier where easy or total opening is limited by height? With our new kit any boom can be sectioned if necessary. The kit contains a special articulated joint which, according to needs, allows the boom governed by the gear motor to make its normal opening movement, while the section ‘to be shortened’ remains horizontal.  In this way, even underground garages or places with low ceilings can use our barriers, with individually customised sections of the boom.

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Want to know more about these and other improvements? Contact one of our agents.

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