REA, tops in performance, practical in use.

18 June 2020

REA, tops in performance, practical in use.

We base our approach to work on the principle of continuous improvement, even for our well-established, successful products.
We have dedicated these past months to our REA, a motor for swing gates, which gives excellent performance and has satisfied customers and fitters for many years.

What novelties have we added?

REA HS: double speed for excellent performance

The motor’s structure and body are the same, but its technological heart has changed. We have modified the worm screw pitch to double the in and out speed of the telescopic tube. What does that mean?

That your swing gate opens in half the time, improving the motor’s potential without straining it. Even when the gate is located in a narrow space or one subject to heavy traffic where waiting for opening could cause problems, our REA HS achieves full opening in just a few seconds, making vehicle entrances easier to manage.

A new REA mechanical stop

Sometimes it is difficult or unsightly to fit an external stop on the ground to block swing gate opening.

For this reason we have designed a mechanical stop that fits into the REA structure. It is applied directly to the telescopic part of the tube and is a simple fork that acts as a stop to restrict gate opening. The stop easily and effectively customises gate opening, avoiding obstacles on the ground, and can be applied when the motor is already installed.

Get more REA news from our Sales Dept.

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