Tethys 24V, technological evolution

25 July 2018 - Padua

Tethys 24V, technological evolution

A beautifully designed, high performance gate operator

Its the right choice because: its a new 24V version of our exclusively designed motor for swing gates, ideal for frequent use.

Tethys is one of our most popular swing gate operators, in terms of both performance and elegant, essential design.  A successful product for many years, it is easy to install and maintain and its mechanical and electronic components are robust and hard-wearing.  Now our research and development team, always attentive to customers’ needs, has perfected a new version of Tethys that’s even more amazing!

The new Tethys operates on 24V, eliminating the risk of overheating when used extensively.  This makes it the ideal gear motor to install in blocks of flats or offices, where it has to undergo intense opening-closing cycles. The new Tethys 24V operator is fast and silent, opening within 15 to 22 seconds per leaf, up to 3 metres long.  Its performance is excellent with 60W power and 1800N thrust, also in extreme weather conditions, from -20° to +55°.

Analysis of our customers’ needs reveals another essential aspect, which is one of the corner stones of our new Tethys: safety.  Our swing gate gear motor is extremely safe on two counts:

  • Low voltage allows constant operation, even without power; our 24V motor can be powered by a battery-run power pack. This means it can be used in emergency situations such as power failures due to faults, tampering or bad weather conditions.
  • Low voltage and complete insulation make Tethys safe also in the event of accidental opening or contact with the internal parts.
  • The gate stops and automatically goes back if there is an obstacle along its run.

Improved mechanical and electronic parts guarantee outstanding durability, as well as full customisation of opening and closing times (with a wide range of speeds) and operating method.

Are you interested in learning more about our new Tethys?  Contact us!

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