ZEUS 24V, minimum voltage, maximum power

24 September 2018

ZEUS 24V, minimum voltage, maximum power

Awesome performance from a compact gear motor

The right choice because this motor operates in all conditions, for gates used with semi-intensive frequency.


ZEUS is a compact electric gear motor for sliding gates that has given excellent performance over the years. Now we are introducing a new safe, reliable and truly innovative version. Next month you will be able to choose the new ZEUS 24V variant that combines the performance of the classical version with a practical low voltage gate operator. What are the advantages of using low voltage?

  • Semi intensive use: low voltage prevents any type of overheating, ideal for frequent use typical of blocks of flats and large buildings;
  • Super safe: one important advantage of low voltage gear motors is safety during installation and use;
  • Operates in all conditions: due to low absorption and a special power pack, the motor can be battery powered, ensuring perfect operation also in the event of power failures.

Another important safety function incorporated into Zeus 24V is obstacle detection. You can programme the Zeus 24V sliding gate operator to slow down during initial opening and closing stages and invert its run if it detects obstacles (by perceiving greater absorption). This means that Zeus 24V can guarantee the usual excellent comfort and safety even if the photocell sensors are not working.

Does it sound incredible?  That’s not all!

Zeus 24V is also one of the fastest gate operators on the market. The opening and closing speed of a sliding gate (up to 400kg) is 15 metres per minute, 50% more than the standard version. Compact dimensions (233x230x178 mm) and a corrosion and weather proof cast aluminium body make it a complete, efficient motor.

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