Automation System accessories

Automation System accessories

Everything you are looking for to complete your system

Automation systems for gates, roller shutters and blinds that regulate access need a series of accessories to complete the motor’s functions and exalt its characteristics. Automatic gate accessories, such as photocells, sensors, remote controls and control units create kits for complete automation. Installation is simple and they are easy to use.

Control and safety accessories

Remote controls for automatic gates, photocells and sensors, flashing lights and control units: these are all reliable, practical control and safety accessories with which to create a complete automation system.

Automation control and lighting control

Accessories to remotely control accesses and outdoor lighting status, born in collaboration with Nextalite.

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Gate system accessories

Reliable, high performance accessories for installing automation systems on sliding and swing gates and on tilting doors.

Moving system accessories

Accessories and elements with which to complete your motion system: retractable road bollards, access control barriers, tubular gear motors and roller shutter motors. Which one are you looking for?

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