Lotus (tubolar)

Tubular gear motor with mechanical adjustable limit switch

Tubular irreversible gear motor, diameter 45mm, with screw adjustable limit switch, suitable for roller shutters, window blinds or roll-up screens. Available in two versions, with or without manual release function, voltage in 230V.

Main features

  • Mechanical limit switch
  • 5m cable
  • Extremely quiet
  • Maximum continuous operating time: 4min
  • Degree of protection: IP44
  • Insulation class: H

Technical features

Weight2,5 Kg3,5 Kg4,2 Kg3,8 Kg4,5 Kg
Power supply230 VAC230 VAC230 VAC230 VAC230 VAC
Lifting25 kg51 Kg51 Kg85 Kg85 Kg
Current0,65 A0,83 A0,83 A1,20 A1,20 A
Power150 W190 W190 W270 W270 W
Torque15 Nm30 Nm30 Nm50 Nm50 Nm
Motor termo protection4 min4 min4 min4 min4 min
Width L1/L2436/423 mm537/519 mm598/582 mm537/519 mm598/582 mm
Operating temperature-25/+65°C-25/+65°C-25/+65°C-25/+65°C-25/+65°C

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