Road Bollard

Hydraulic retractable bollard at a safe, suitable for intensive use and for the protection of sensitive areas. Suitable for military bases, airports, embassies, consulates, banks, prisons and for all those areas in which it is required a high level of security and perimeter protection.
The hydraulic block maintains the column always in high position, even in case of power failure. The bollard is equipped with two magnetic switches: one for lifting and one for the down column LED lights, retro-reflective sticker, quick release connector (protection class IP 66) for the power cable.

Main features

  • Hydraulic unit external to the column, at the top of the formwork for quick access, inspection and maintenance
  • Hydraulic accessories such as solenoid valve and pressure switch (obstacle detector) that can be installed and removed easily at any time without having to intervene in the hydraulic circuit
  • Automotive Branch connector IP66 / 67: thanks to this innovative solution is sufficient to use a single cable to make the full wiring of the bollard
  • Available versions: 500mm and 700mm stroke
  • Thickness of 4mm column
  • Rubber edge in the upper part of the column
  • Manual release easy to use

Technical features

230V OIL

230V OIL
Protection ratingIP67IP67
Weight196 Kg218 Kg
Power supply230 VAC230 VAC
Impact resistance52000 J52000 J
Crash resistance320000 J320000 J
Maximum static load20000 Kg20000 Kg
Power1100 W1100 W
Rising time2,14 sec3,00 sec
Lowering time2,00 sec2,80 sec
Operating temperature-20/+80°C-20/+80°C

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