Swing gates

Swing gates

Motors for swing gates from 3 to 6 meters

OnAutomation actuators for swing gates are truly powerful and guarantee excellent resistance to wear. Our swing gate gear motors are suitable for gates of less than one meter up to 6 meters in length, either with linear or telescopic technology or with underground motors.

Designed and built entirely in Italy, our swing gate motors are easily installed and simple to maintain.


Operator for swing gates up to 3 m

Electromechanical linear irreversible gear motor swinging gates up to 3 meters of length, available in 24V and 230V.

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Actuator for swinging gates up to 3.5 m

Electromechanical telescopic gear motor for gates with swinging doors up to 2 / 2.5 / 3.5m of length,suitable for private or residential use.

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Operator for swing gates up to 4m

Electro mechanical irreversible articulated arm gear motor for swing gate up to 3 or 4 meters of length, available in 230V version.

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Underground operator for swing gates up to 3 m

Electromechanical underground irreversible gear motor for swing gates with leaves up to 3m of length, suitable residential or commercial use.

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