Operator for sliding gates up to 2000 Kg

Irreversible 230V electromechanical gear motor ideal for industrial sliding gates up to 2000Kg of weight.
Complete lubrication of the motor and all components in oil bath grants intensive use and maximum durability. Aluminium die-cast treated with anti-corrosion paint and weather-resistant cover. The motor comes with an encoder for obstacle detection and precise management of the slowing down in opening and closing. The control unit with a built-in radio receiver allows protection and is removable to facilitate assembly. Magnetic limit switches as standard and lever release with personalized key.

Main features

  • Oil bath lubricated motor for superior performance and durability
  • Manual release with handy lever and personal key
  • Easy to program, built-in control board,integrated 433Mhz radio receiver
  • Radio rolling-code to grantshigher safety
  • Encoder permits safe and precise management of deceleration
  • Magnetic limit switches for opening and closing
  • Adjustable Fixing plate (in height)
  • Dimensions 325x345x160mm
Release lever with personal key and magnetic limit switch
Electronic control board
Magnetic encoder and in oil bath engine
Magnetic limit switch

Technical features

Protection ratingIP54
Weight15 Kg
Power supply230 VAC
Power consuption1,7 A
Power450 W
Intermittency90 %
Opening time10,5 m/min
Capacitor35 µF
Operating temperature-20/+55°C

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